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As a highly experienced and qualified Football Performance coach, Sinead provides independent elite performance consultancy services to female footballers. Her broad expertise across multiple domains provides a unique experience for players she works with.




Coach Kerr was always a positive, motivating, encouraging, and hard-working coach. My soccer skills, abilities, confidence, and teamwork significantly improved. Moreover, beyond the field, Coach Sinead was a role model and leader that was always there for me. She is a very kind and compassionate person who values her players significantly. You will be lucky to have her as a coach!

Elizabeth - Player

I cannot say enough about Sinead and her approach to training. She finds a balance between the strategic and tactical elements of the game as well as focusing on motivating players as individuals. Her approach encompasses the entire spectrum of the athlete. Sinead made such a difference for her as an athlete and helped her to focus and raise her level of play. The approach Sinead takes with the her players makes all the difference. We all miss her here in Singapore and for those of you who find her you are lucky to have her.

John - Parent

Not only an extraordinary coach but an exceptional human, Sinead exemplifies all the best qualities associated with the greatest educators of our time. Organised, efficient, effective - she consistently delivers outstanding lessons both in the classroom and on the sports fields. With a clear vision and a deeply embedded sense of her “why”, Sinead’s impact on her students, athletes, colleagues, teammates and the community and organisations within which she works is significant, energised, positive and valued.

Gil - Director

Through her coaching methods and her dedication to helping athletes grow as players and as people are made very clear. I personally excelled a lot, and benefitted from a challenge and hard work, but also positive reinforcement that she employs in her program. She leaves her players feeling confident and knowing that they can succeed if they work as a team and have consistent belief in themselves. I also think it is important to mention, that for both girls and boys, Coach Kerr is an incredible, strong female role model who shows that girls can do anything!

Ella - Player

My daughter was coached by Sinead at an external soccer club in Singapore. She is highly professional with excellent technical and personable skills. She knows how to connect with the team members and motivate them to be the best they can be. Sinead was an asset to the SG soccer club in many ways. She sets an example and exemplified the meaning of a female role model. We wish her all the best in her new endeavours and would highly recommend her.

Stella - Parent

Sinead was an excellent player and person during her time withme. She was a valuable member of the highest ranked female team at the time, she will no doubt be an asset to any club organisation.

Mark - Arsenal Head Coach

Sinead is a true professional and encompasses very strong leadership and team work skills. She also implemented an elite element into the girls programme which was highly recognised in Singapore football community. Sinead contributed so much to our academy and will be a true asset in any professional environment she works in. You are very lucky to have her because she is an exceptional talent! 

Mido - Technical Director

Sinead is a highly professional, skillful and motivating coach. Her biggest strength is her ability to identify each players strengths and weaknesses early on and then personalise her training programme for each player, even in a group situation. My daughter really improved alot under her coaching and misses her hoping they would play again together someday. I wish her all the very best in all her future endeavours, she is a real asset to any professionally run training academy anywhere in the world.

Saurabh - Parent


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