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Please read below and take the time to consider Sinead’s areas of specialism and expertise and feel free to communicate with her for an informal discussion to determine how she can support your long term athletic development. Sinead has a solid understanding of the technical, tactical, physiological, biomechanics and psychosocial demands of the game, which she can comfortably integrate into her delivery. The quality of her interpersonal, organisation and communication skills, enable her athletes to form very strong professional working relationships with her. As a qualified MSc performance football coach, her academic background provides her with specific qualities and naturally allows her to apply evidence-based theory effectively. In order to provide an effective service, any process must be structured and planned accordingly, and with this in mind, she can ensure that in her 1:1 and small group sessions, there is realism, specificity, and a strong focus on psychological stimulation. 



Individualised technical, tactical and Physical sessions focused on your position specific demands and driven towards performance improvements. A thorough profile and needs analysis is conducted with clear appraisal of professional development needs in line with your strengths and key areas of interest to enhance your game. You will receive a high level of technical detail and understanding for the purpose of marginal gains and holistic development. The focus is around high repetition ensuring quality and intensity. The use of STATSports Vests and specific performance variables will be utilised in order to gain immediate player feedback around Total Distance, Max Speeds, High Speed Running, Intensity and Strain levels.

Services Include:

  • Enhance Technical Skills: (passing & control/shooting & finishing/shooting & finishing/crossing/heading)
  • Increase Performance using Tactical Game Intelligence: (position specific roles & responsibilities/attacking & defensive principles of play/strengths & weaknesses of formations/specific patterns of play within a variety of formations/attacking & defending set plays/decision making in & out of possession)
  • Improve Physical Fitness Attributes: (max speed & speed endurance/agility & balance & coordination/strength on the ball/range of movement/power & explosiveness/body composition) 


Whether working during the Off-Season, Pre-Season or In-Season, athletes will produce short-term and long-term conditioning programmes to work towards player lead goals and develop productivity and enhance performance output. Whether you are a youth development athlete or advanced first team player, the programme will be tailored by design in line with your individual aims and goals. Depending on these specific targets, you will be provided with balance, volume, intensity and specificity when working towards your desired adaptations or performance output. Also take a more comprehensive approach and look to observe your performances from a physiological, metabolic and biomechanical perspective to determine areas of your game that may need polishing.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive needs analysis & athletic profile
  • Periodised plan specified for off-Season, pre-season or in-season maintenance
  • Integrated gym and pitch-based position specific plan
  • Workload monitoring with the use of STATSPorts tech and physiological testing
  • Tangible plan including specific exercise tutorials
  • Inclusion of specified recovery modalities
  • Other-pre-season team conditioning sessions


1 to 1 or Small group workshops and consultations to discuss your chosen areas for development. Ongoing and timely meetings can take place in order to monitor progression and discuss areas which may need to be regressed or progressed. Consultations can be carried out face to face or via online platforms dependent on accessibility and availability. Services Include:

  • Psychological Characteristics: (developing self confidence/training & match day interventions/energy management in the game (anxiety & stress), improving focus, attention & concentration/ imagery as a mental skills intervention/player motivation:use of goal setting)
  • Develop Psychosocial Skills: (fostering strong relationships/team cohesion & key lines of supportive communication /leadership qualities /helping players regain control of a situation/practical support on how to manage their problems better)
  • Increase Performance using Tactical Game Intelligence: (coach & player self reflection exercises/position specific roles & responsibilities/attacking & defensive principles of play/strengths & weaknesses of formations/specific patterns of play within a variety of formations/attacking & defending set plays/decision making in & out of possession)
  • Build on High Performance Habits: (developing a sleeping routine/ visualisation techniques/ meditation & mindfulness /fuel your body in the right way-nutrition & hydration priority/track & measure your performance during training effectively/ importance of recovery)
Please contact Sinead to discuss a tailored package and a breakdown of costs to suit your needs. There is no obligation or pressure, just a casual conversation (or email if you prefer) to see if we are both a good fit. Sinead would love to chat with you about your goals, experiences and football background and how she can develop your personal training program. After she will explain all of our services and different training programs we offer that will assist you on your journey.
She will give you a full technical evaluation, then help categorise your strengths and focus areas. 
She will develop an individual training program for each player and help you execute each session to maximise your strengths, eliminate your weaknesses and help you reach your personal goals.
She will motivate, educate and support you every step of the way, raising the bar higher as you begin to progress.
As you begin to adapt you are no longer the player who started with Strive High Performance. She will continue to update your plan to ensure you are always progressing.